January 6, 2023 – Family stuff, Taos Comedy, Chaderossa builds

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I’m packing up for a road trip. I have to take care of some family stuff for a bit.

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I launched a new non-profit (TaosComedy) with a mission to build and support a comedy scene in northern central New Mexico and the monthly show at The Burger Stand has been very successful. People love it. Normally the bar closes at 9pm and not many people are there but we pack it out every single time and their revenue has been insane.

It’s a mic and no locals have any experience beyond this show so it’s a training ground for new comics and an audience that’s new to comedy shows. Weirdos gravitate to Taos. Last month some dude walked up in the middle of a comic’s set and tried to feed him a french fry “airplane” style. Thankfully it was one of four comics that came in from Tucson to do spots who knew how to deal with dumb shit. The audience isn’t BAD they’re just untrained. They’re very supportive. We have regulars who LOVE the show and buy merch.

I’ve been bringing in comics I like to headline. We’ve had Trish Smart and Stef Bright so far and they both had a great time. Because I’m traveling soon, I’ll have to produce the show from afar. I’ve started booking emcee’s and headliners for the show on OpenComedy.com – comics from New Mexico and Colorado have started hearing about the show and how fun it is and I’ve been getting a lot of requests already. I have to say, it’s very nice to feel appreciated for doing something I’ve always loved to do.

open mic at The Burger Stand the 2nd Monday every month

I am trying to find the time to finish editing my “NashvilleStandUp @ NECAT” stand-up comedy showcase tv series. Only one has aired so far, but I’ve got 3-4 more shot. I didn’t expect to move to Taos until 2023 and I feel bad that I haven’t finished those episodes up but I’m always busy and I’m not on the computer hardly at ALL. I hope I can finish them this month. I know Cameron at NECAT is disappointed and the comics on those shows are probably irritated at me and I hate that.

In May 2023, we will continue building stuff at The Chaderossa in Taos County. We’ve constructed some earthworks to prevent runoff and force monsoon rains and snow melt to soak in. More work needs to be done. The main road and my original driveway become mud pits fast, so I’m building channels to direct water to my lowest spot where I’m digging up dirt I need to build while creating a seasonal pond. Swales will start on the high contours with pioneer plants that will become fertile, shaded environments 6-7 years from now.

This spring we’ll start building several structures with cob, adobe and styrofoam-infused aircrete. We’ll also have an Earthship-inspired “simple survival” build and biodiesel projects that’ll all run concurrently making a tiny home, a cistern & shower house, a wallapini, a workshop, and fuel while growing food and cannabis.

In the future we will add chickens and goats, build additional living quarters, and work on better insulating & equipping buses. At some point we HAVE to build a hot tub. It’s inevitable. This is all super fun. Wanna help?

If/when the world falls apart, come on by. Or before then, even (May – November, preferably). Ryan Singer, Patrick Devine, Trish Smart and Mishka Shubaly have already stopped by. So can you.

This update was January 6, 2023.

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