Chad Riden has been writing and performing stand-up comedy since November 13, 2000.  He tells self-incriminating stories of his ridiculous deeds that embarrass his family and make everybody else think he’s a weirdo.

Riden has appeared on “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central, the Late Show with David Letterman’s “Tony Mendez Show,” ABC/CMT’s “Nashville,” “CBS This Morning,” “Chrisley Knows Best,” “Still The King,” CMT-Canada’s “Mississippi Snake Grabbers,” and once ate lunch at The Magic Castle in Los Angeles whose newsletter called him “the most famous un-famous person.”

Chad produced and hosted the annual Guinness world record breaking 184+ hour long #BrokenRecordShow (longest stand-up comedy show, multiple comedians) every year from 2015-2018 as part of the Nashville Comedy Festival. “Broken Records,” a documentary shot during the 2016 show, is being shopped to festivals.

Riden ran for Mayor of Nashville in 2015, which was hilarious and everybody loved it even though he lost miserably. Undaunted, in 2018 he ran for Governor of Tennessee and garnered 1,096 votes statewide, finishing 14th out of 28 candidates on the ballot – a mere 1,335,011 votes short of winning the whole damn thing.

Chad Riden lives in East Nashville with a flying squirrel, a turtle and a “biological, human” daughter who does not approve of any of this.


“Chad’s Orwellian tinted concepts of family, home and recreation provide the right amount of cynicism and criticism with wit to make it all worth while. In a realm of usually pessimistic and self-loathing performers, Riden spouts vitality with a handle on reality. Chad Riden has a presence uncapturable to the camera and undefendable to the will. ” – Scot Nery