Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-11

  • I'm introducing a network of podcast networks. #
  • My network of podcast networks simply networks multiple networks of podcasts into one giant network of podcast networks. It's pretty great. #
  • apparently I've got a hypothyroid thing.. so being a fat, hospital lazy, viagra moody jackass ISN'T MY FAULT at all! I have a medical condition / excuse. #
  • if you call it "the twitterverse" online I will unfollow you immediately. If only I could unfollow people's conversations in real life.. #
  • Bingo licked my face, so @DougStanhope's Big Stink Comedy Tour has officially been christened. #
  • .@Amberettinger I think @BarackObama – nay – THE WORLD needs Obama Girl now, more than ever. I believe in you..don't let me down.Yes we can? #
  • Free #ChAdvice Don't shave your balls with an electric moustache trimmer. I won't go into details, just trust me on this one. #
  • every time she hears the Doctor Who theme music, my daughter @CalliaRiden does a wacky dance that ends with jazz hands. Hilarity ensues. #
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