Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-22

  • What happened to all the jewelry commercials? Isn’t it just as romantic to buy overpriced useless shit in January? #
  • I’m very skilled at avoiding almost all pop music UNTIL it shows up as @AlYankovic parodies or “Kid’s Bop” cd commercials on tv #
  • Turkey bacon tries too hard to look like real bacon. Just be yourself, buy information pills man, treat people will like you for being YOU. #
  • thank Megatheos people write tv show recaps online.. otherwise I don’t know how I could possibly find out what happened on the shows I WATCH #
  • reading internet recaps of hit tv shows. because I LOVE these shows.. but before I watch them I want to hear some random dude’s take on it. #
  • reading internet recaps of hit tv shows. because like most of America, rx I’d rather read than watch tv. #
  • totally missed the Golden Globe awards. I hope somebody will write up a recap so I know whose work I should respect & who I shouldn’t like. #
  • If you love reading internet recaps of hit tv shows as much as I do, you’ll love my new project: video re-enactments of internet recaps. #

  • reading internet recaps of tv shows I DON’T watch, so I can rest assured that I didn’t waste my time on them. #
  • @dominos took a REAL focus group to a REAL farm to show them the REAL tomatoes they use to make REALLY shitty pizza :
  • I’m doing a show in Stillwater, OK on Saturday night. It’s all just an excuse to FINALLY visit The National Wrestling Hall Of Fame @NWHOF#
  • @NWHOF I hope your Andre The Giant shrine doesn’t have a time limit for worshipers – I plan on being there a while. #
  • It’s MLK Day.. or as they call it in Arkansas, “F#ckin’ MON-DAY” [extended menacing glare] #mlkday#
  • Amy Sedaris Makes “Potato Ships” :: Amy on YouTube is the best thing to happen to the internet. #
  • TONIGHT in Oklahoma City: Thursdays Don’t Suck @ The 51st Street Speakeasy, 8:30pm ::
  • RT @JesseIsTerrific: “Had a great time with @BillyWayneDavis & @ChadRiden [TUES] night..” // I’m just now starting to recover. HEY-ZEUS in reply to JesseIsTerrific#
  • Just drove past the fourth 18 wheeler laying on its side that I’ve seen today. No cars wrecked at all.. Just four brilliant truckers. #
  • I’m enjoying a relaxing, self indulgent spa day; getting awesome new beard extensions. #

  • RT @funnybusiness “@comedynews @ChadRiden thanks for the post!" // no problem! I miss me some Asheville in reply to funnybusiness#
  • RT @birq “@ChadRiden What a coincidence. I’m getting my pubes frosted right this very minute.” // you’ve just gotta treat yourself sometimes in reply to birq#
  • Italian Jim’s “Super Pepperoni” has over 300 pepperoni slices. 300! (@ Italian Jim’s Pizzeria) [pic]:

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