Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-13

  • my stupid cd was downloaded over 168,655 times. I'd like to apologize to each and every one of those people. I WON'T.. but I'd like to. #
  • Callia: "Reading is fun because it's like a cartoon in your head." #
  • “@Gary__Fletcher: @ChadRiden I was one of those downloaders.” // that's an admission of guilt! the RIAA will be in touch shortly. #
  • “@marymackcomedy: Oh Man! Guess who starts jazzercise this week?!” // not me, lady! That one time was plenty. Careful-it's a slippery slope #
  • “@sleepydad: No coffee filters. Ugh.” // the humble paper towel will work like a champ in an emergency situation like that. #
  • My "STARmeter" on IMDB is "Down 26% in popularity this week." Should I have a drug-fueled sex scandal? #
  • more ego surfing: the Sumter, SC Opera House name drops me on their official history page #
  • note: I am NOT The U.S. Air Force Space Command's Weapons and Tactics branch chief Lieutenant Colonel Chad Riden. I'm the one w/ dick jokes. #
  • Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., creative director and associate publisher of Quintessential Careers says I have a "well-branded digital presence." #
  • ..btw, the number of comedy bookers who give a shit about a "well-branded digital presence"? approximately zero. #
  • for the last week or so I have not been able to stop doing the "mega-mega-megamind" line from this spot: #
  • "hey everybody I'm Jay Leno, does anyone remember when I used to be funny?" #
  • working hard, writing a lot of new material-OH WHO AM I KIDDING? I'm watching MacGruber again and I'm NOT ashamed. "Ahh penis jokes." #
  • To everybody who follows me like Phish: this week I'll be doing two shows in Nashville & one each in Morgantown, WV and Marietta, OH #AFCOAT #
  • fantastic. #conanreturns #
  • RT @TeamCoco What do you guys think of the beard?! Are we liking it? #conanreturns // RELAX! We love everything, just glad to have you back. in reply to TeamCoco #
  • so @MSNBC "suspended" @KeithOlbermann for TWO WHOLE DAYS? Lamest publicity stunt ever. Totally should have milked it, boys. #
  • Nashville shout out on Conan's first show. Can YOUR town claim the same thing? @nsup @NashvilleComedy #conanreturns @TeamCoco #
  • WEeeeelllll obviously it's time to change the channel. #conanreturns #teamcoco #WhoGivesAShitAboutGeorgeLopez #
  • "@TeamCoco What did everyone think?!" // cold open = gold.. handled NBC with FUNNY, class.. the moon is neat, but why? bet you never use it. in reply to TeamCoco #
  • now watching TiVo-delayed @Late_Show – will probably watch @TeamCoco live, then go to @TiVo for Dave, then @jimmyfallon and/or @TheDailyShow #
  • thanks to @ZaniesNashville and everybody who came out to the @Nsup showcase and/or participated in @IronComic in person or online. I had fun #
  • I wish I knew how to comment spam my own blog. I'd like to find all the comment-less entries (most of em) and post, "FIRST, BITCHES!!" #
  • I'm doing the @LaughingSkull festival show @stardome 11/16. tickets are just $1 IF you use promocode RidenVIP #
  • @TheKennyRogers thanks for coming out to the show last night. the audience *gasped* when I mentioned you – so excited to see you there. #
  • Hemp drink? How'm I supposed to smoke a liquid? #
  • The CMA Awards are going on in Nashville, which is why I am far away hidden in the hills of Hermitage. Suck it, music! #ChadRidensAddress #
  • internet just told me that it's Veteran's Day? I'd totally forgotten. Sorry, troops.. I have failed you. (So THAT's why there was no mail..) #
  • people in Nashville who are upset/surprised to hear Davis-Kidd books is closing: print is dead. Did you miss the release of the Apple iPad? #
  • RT @DalaiLama I believe that whether a person follows any religion or not is unimportant, he or she must have a good heart and a sweet ride. in reply to DalaiLama #
  • The people surprised by Davis-Kidd books closing are the same who were shocked about Hollywood video, Tower & Bockbuster. It's 2010. Evolve. #
  • it's so good to see fresh clips of George W. Bush speaking on @TheDailyShow that he's not in charge of anything. in reply to TheDailyShow #
  • “@tomgreenlive: Any web genius people out there? I want to meet one. Surprise me.” // i dunno about genius. is a web jackass close enough? #
  • I think this hotel breakfast buffet is playing the closing theme to the Incredible Hulk tv show. Sorry I ate all the bacon, Dr. Banner. #
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