Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-06

  • I'd like the myth busters guys to explain to me the science behind why they wasted so much time at the otherwise awesome #rallyforsanity #
  • hey errbody, buy call TN State Rep candidate @JimGotto at 615-883-3087 and ask him to stop robo-calling @ChadRiden's house. Thanks. #
  • voted for Alfred E. Neuman across the board.. because MAD Magazine told me to in 1984, and I do as I'm told. #
  • Just got to parent-teacher conference day at Callia's school. I've seen several parents walking out looking down, shaking heads, muttering. #
  • While some states voted on legalizing marijuana, Tennessee voted on legalizing hunting and fishing? Maybe I'm just high, but I'm confused. #
  • “@tomgreenlive: The massive influx of new media … rudderless ship. Where is Johnny Carson when you need him?” // at ! #
  • I'm not sure what kind of store Ross thinks it is, but it looks like a garage sale in there. They do NOT have cowboy hats for little girls. #
  • There's nothing gayer than getting upset when somebody jokingly calls something gay. #
  • Ross has remote control cars, clothes, picture frames, shopping carts w stripper poles attached to them & other crap you'd find at Goodwill. #
  • We looked at WalMart, Ross, Target, then FINALLY found a cowboy hat at Party City. You'd think one would be easier to find in Nashville. #
  • I wish I could just make a damn sex tape and get a show on E! or Bravo. This "do it the hard way" shit is taking way too long. #
  • Tues night! 12 top notch comics, 1 mediocre one and one helluva heavy metal parody band all in ONE show for $5: #
  • having a chipotle-flavored coffee with my chipotle-flavored cereal. Later I'll have chipotle flavored chipotle covered in chipotle sauce. #
  • McRib "fans": STFU. I used to be 8 years old, too. Don't buy food – no, don't buy ANYTHING from a GD clown: #
  • I eat Publix' NuttyNuggets NOT b/c it is cheaper, but b/c it is way funnier than the already hilarious Grape Nuts. #
  • #mcrib is rat meat molded into the shape of a heart-ravaging abomination of a sandwich. Do you have real BBQ in your town? of course you do. #
  • If hating WackArnold's is wrong, I don't wanna be right. #mcrib is made from USDA certified donkey parts, roadkill opossum & yard trimmings. #
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