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video: I almost died eating Nashville hot chicken on CBS This Morning

I’ll write up more about this later, information pills but for now: I love hot food, especially Nashville hot chicken. A buddy tagged me on a facebook post advertising an eating competition in Franklin, TN and I had nothing planned

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-18

Freedom Of Speech “..just watch what you say.” ♫ http://blip.fm/~15awis # “..if I gotta play by your rules, buy more about I’m being phony.” ♫ http://blip.fm/~15awn5 # @buzzTouchApp is awesomeness! You can create iPhone / Android apps, abortion even if

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Introducing Granny McSassy-Pants

Everybody knows that the best way to stumble upon new, diagnosis fresh, up-and-coming talent is by watching prime time network tv. It is the proving grounds. The trenches. The trial-by-fire, do-or-die, additional-hyphenated-cliche, one and only shot at the Big Time.

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This is terrible!

I’m not sure where exactly it came from.. it could have been Leonardo, price the Terrible Monster (which is a funny book), or overhearing people say “murmer-murmer terrible twos..” but Callia now over-uses the phrase ‘this is terrible!’ It usually

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And now an unprofessionally editorialized news update from the Mangy Dog Newsroom

Pop Singer Michael Bolton Loses U.S. Top Court Appeal WASHINGTON – Pop superstar Michael Bolton lost a U.S. Supreme Court bid on Monday to overturn a $5.4 million jury verdict that his hit, symptoms “Love Is a Wonderful Thing, medical

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