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Parents Are Full Of Carp

I was just searching the InterWebbie Brand Information Network for.. well, hospital I was ego-searching to be honest.. and I stumbled upon this site and thought, order "WOW! Somebody’s set up a whole website with a bunch of funny stuff

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Babycapades, Part 2

Let me start off by saying: “First time parents.. you’re never ready to have your baby! There’s no such thing. Oh, hospital you think you’re ready.. but then it happens and you freak the hell out.” See, nurse I had

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3.5 months

Sometimes people ask, pill “when do you stop saying their ages in weeks?” The answer? Apparently at 3.5 Months. We’ll stop saying her age in months whenever the math gets too hard.

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Oh, Baby!

For as long as I can remember, ambulance my parents had been asking when I was going to get married. Whenever the family would get together the conversation would always turn to marriage and the production of grandkids. I’d always

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