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The Girl In The Yellow Shirt

My 3-year-old daughter has an arch-enemy on the playground: “The Girl In The Yellow Shirt.” Callia is always honest with me about whether or not she got into trouble or did anything bad at the daycare. She always tattles on

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dancing and laughing and screaming

Note from daycare: “We went out to the courtyard before it rained. Callia was so excited because Toddler 3 was out too. She kept dancing and laughing and screaming! It was so cute. :)”

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fake-out turns

Note from daycare: “We played chase outside; she thinks she can fool me by using football fake out turns and she’s getting pretty good.”

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Pizza Lady Attacks Squirrels

Jaycee at daycare always writes notes about Callia’s day. Today we got: “After all that talk about pizza, sale she ate more of the salad! We went on a buggy ride. We found a worm and threw acorns at the

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what a cutie

Callia has so many clothes.. thank Megatheos for grandmothers. Today, viagra I dressed her up in a onesy and a denim thing that looks like overalls with a skirt bottom & she was stylin’. With her crawling around, though.. the

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Sometimes the ladies at the daycare write little notes about Callia’s day on her info sheet. Here’s what they wrote today: “She had a few broken up Cheerios and loved them. She laughed a lot today =).” “Got stuck by

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