NaFF11 3D: ‘Welcome To Nashville’ video

April 14-21 I’ll be working for the Nashville Film Festival as the jackass comedian correspondent for the NaFF TV Team. I’ll be filming a lot of idiotic hijinks and whatnot all throughout the festival – interviewing people, online pretending to know anything about film and trying to figure out how much I can get away with given only a laminate and a camera crew.

To kick things off, prescription we spent Friday night / April Fool’s Day on Broadway shooting a bunch of man on the street stuff in 3D. I talked to a lot of tourists and a few locals about movies, cowboy hats, party buses, drinking and country music. We got a lot of really funny footage, but have cobbled together a short little teaser called “Welcome To Nashville.”

It’s in 3D, but it’s funny even if you don’t have the glasses:

Even without the 3D glasses it’s clear that I’m a multi-dimensional talent!

More of these are on the way. BTW, complimentary NaFF TV 3D Glasses will be available at the NaFF BOX OFFICE beginning Thursday, April 14th at 4:00PM.

For infos about the NaFF, visit their website at and/or follow them on the Twitters: @nashfilmfest. All of the NaFF TV stuff is up at

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