Endorsement: Dr. Bamford’s No-Soap™

Dr. Joel Bamford of Duluth, advice MN has a revolutionary break thru product that I just can’t stop talking about.

For years I suffered from dry, buy cracked skin. I’ve grown accustomed to molting my damaged epidermis annually, and along with it shedding any hope of one day not looking freakishly insane. Thanks to Dr. Bamford’s No Soap™, I’ve changed my skin and changed my life! I still look crazy, but at least I have healthy skin.


From SoapAlternatives.com:

Over the years major breakthroughs have improved the mildness of soaps, so that in the year 2000 products like Dove, Lever 2000 and Syndet bar can claim to be the mildest of soaps.

Even the mildest soaps made earlier cause mild to severe rashes, particularly in the winter months anywhere north of Miami, Florida. Only the naturally pure, smooth, block of NO SOAP™, first produced by Thomas Edwin Bamford, Sr., MD for his suffering patients back in 1866, can protect you from real soap damage.

Tom had a general practice which he carried out in his home office at 418 North Delaware Street, Syracuse, New York, North America. An orphan himself, he could not afford much soap in England where he was born and, later, in Wales where is father worked in the mines. He continued growing up in the tenements of New York City. After his mother died, he and his brother had to go to Remsen, New York, as a farm hand. The supportive Welch community there must have recognized his potential and helped him complete his formal education.

nosoap-frontThough the air could be rough, wet and cold there, it was not until he began practice in upstate New York that he saw patients who, every winter, developed painfully dry, cracking skin. Over time he recognized the importance of avoiding too much soap, then the harsh soaps (Ivory is still fine for those who live in Florida), then the milder soaps (Cashmere Bouquet). He then had the sudden insight, NO SOAP™ would be best way to promote healthy skin.

nosoap-backThis novelty product was quick to clear the damaged skin of his General Practice patients in Syracuse, New York, where he had in home office at 418 North Delaware Street. He also served as the Medical Director of a large psychiatric hospital, where it is likely NO SOAP™ was also a blessing to patients.

Thus far four generations of North American Drs Bamford have promoted this skin saving alternative to traditional, lye based, defatting skin products (any soap, body wash or shampoo).

More information about this incredible product and instructions for obtaining your own bar of NO SOAP™ is available at SoapAlternatives.com. Honestly, no home should be without at least one bar of NO SOAP™, but I’d recommend getting three or four, just in case. Don’t forget, they make great stocking stuffers! My sincere gratitude goes out to Maria Bamford for the referral.

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2 comments on “Endorsement: Dr. Bamford’s No-Soap™
  1. Marina Gipps says:

    Sounds funky but I imagine that it works in places that are extremely dry and/or cold like Minnesota –but not so well in humid and hot places like Florida!

    • Chad Riden says:

      The instructions for NO SOAP state that “the only exceptions the developers and producers emphasize, are in washing the scalp and the axilla (underarm),” and of course, the nether-regions area including and especially the genitals, taint and butt-hole zone (sorry for all the lofty medical lingo). Real soap is perfectly acceptable and recommended in those areas for everyone, everywhere.

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