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beef jerky, champagne, and discussions about the effects existentialism had on art and literature during and after World War II.

Survey for The Tennessean to enter to win a $500 American Express gift card

I like to help people out however I can. When someone asks me to give ’em a hand, healing I step up and get to work! ‘Cause I’m a people person. A do-er of things and stuff or whatever. In

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Mohammad Draws Mohammad!

Mohammad Draws Mohammad and gives the thumbs-up for “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day” …so… it’s totally ok now:

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’12 Shiny Nickels’ set from the days of yesteryear

This video is some old material from way back when once upon a time I did a spot on the “12 Shiny Nickels” show in Los Angeles. I forgot about it, but found it while Googling myself like a lunatic.

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a few words from MCA

I’m cutting and pasting an email I got the other day, healing because I do everything the Beastie Boys tell me to do. It took me a couple days to get to a computer because I’ve been riden cross the

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This is a strong contender for my next cd cover

This is a strong contender for my next cd cover: Also considering:

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Callia Lee Riden for President in 2040

Callia Lee Riden would like to announce her intention to run for President of The United States Of America in 2040. This is all we have for her platform so far, try but we’ll keep you updated.

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I’m With Dipshit! #TeamDipshit

Show the world whose side you’re on! Feel free to use wherever you like (twitter/facebook/blogs/etc) for non-commercial purposes. – Chad Riden There are now rallies scheduled nationwide! For more info Click here! I’m With Dipshit

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Chad as Tiny Tim in George C. Scott’s “A Christmas Carol”

Merry Holiday Times Or Whatever! Here’s my annual Holiday Times posting of the clip of me starring as Tiny Tim in George C. Scott’s “A Christmas Carol.” Enjoy: httpv:// I produced this for the WBXX-TV Christmas video in 1998. Everybody

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Endorsement: Dr. Bamford’s No-Soap™

Dr. Joel Bamford of Duluth, advice MN has a revolutionary break thru product that I just can’t stop talking about. For years I suffered from dry, buy cracked skin. I’ve grown accustomed to molting my damaged epidermis annually, and along

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Thanksgiving 2: Electric Boogaloo 2: Electric Boogaloo’er – Dec. 1, 2009

Turkeys are cheap if you buy em the day after Thanksgiving. The bird is in the oven! The kegerator is full of Paulaner Hefe-Weizen! AND after the meal, look we’ll be gathering around the tv to watch the break dancing

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