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Chad Riden’s comedy is about his chaotic reality. Chad has weathered bankruptcy, divorce and foreclosure, launched a poultry farm, broke the same world record twice, and made an unsuccessful run for mayor of Nashville. Riden tells self-incriminating stories that embarrass his daughter and make everybody else think he’s a weirdo. He lives in East Nashville with two flying squirrels and a turtle.

Chad Riden has appeared on “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central, the Late Show with David Letterman’s “Tony Mendez Show”, ABC’s “Nashville,” and is featured on an episode of CMT-Canada’s “Mississippi Snake Grabbers.” He hosts and produces “Nashville StandUp Sits Down” Wednesdays 1-2pm on WXNA FM in Nashville & online at & “SUNDAY NIGHT STUPID” live/archived on

In April 2015, Riden co-produced and headlined the world record setting #BrokenRecordShow at The East Room in Nashville, Tennessee – a non-stop 184 hour, 16 minute long standup comedy show that more than doubled the previous GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title of “Longest Stand-Up Comedy Show – Multiple Comedians.” The show featured about 100 comedians, including surprise celebrity guest sets from Hannibal Buress, Eric Andre, Rory Scovel, Nate Bargatze, Luis J. Gomez, Keith Alberstadt, Jon Reep, Ahmed Ahmed and Killer Beaz. Chad slept only 20 hours total over the course of 10 days, and only had to yell at two people who absolutely deserved it. He is not sorry at all.

The only thing more pointless and silly than more than doubling a world record would be topping your own GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title by just five minutes. Guess what Riden and about 120 of his comedian friends did in May 2016 as part of the Wild West Comedy Festival? #BrokenRecordShow vol. 2 was dubbed “The Greatest Dumbest Thing We’ve Ever Done Twice.” A documentary about the event is currently in post-production while Riden tours telling stories of his nonsensical, ridiculous deeds.


“Chad’s a good guy. He’s been through a rough divorce and his heart is heavy; he’s got a burden. That burden makes him funny.”Marc Maron, WTF episode 209 (September, 2011) & in Marc’s book “Attempting Normal,” on page 175.

“His observations on the domestic sphere teeter amiably on the edge.” – The Nashville Scene

Chad Riden performing his 'Freebird' bit


  • ABC’s “Nashville”, s04e04 | funeral attendee | Oct. 14, 2015
  • CMT-Canada’s “Mississippi Snake Grabbers” | featured in single episode as self | TBA
  • ABC’s “Nashville”, s02e10 | extra | Dec. 11, 2013
  • ABC’s “Nashville”, s02e08 | Tampa Radio DJ | Nov. 21, 2013
  • ABC’s “Nashville”, s02e03 | extra | Oct. 8, 2013
  • The Daily Show, (Comedy Central) | “healthcare sweepstakes” prize patrol officer | June 5, 2013
  • Comcast On Demand: Morty’s “Trial By Laughter” (Indianapolis, IN) | self | 2011
  • NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Season 7 | self | 2010
  • Comcast On Demand: Crackers (Indianapolis, IN) | self | 2009
  • Howard TV’s “Killers of Comedy On The Road” | self | 2009
  • NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Season 6 | self | 2008
  • Comcast On Demand: The Punchline (Atlanta, GA) | self | 2008
  • WBXX-TV’s Star Trek: TNG Marathon Interstitials | Klingon | 1998





  • Play MPE “Single vs. CD Single” ad campaign | CD Single | 2008
  • Bud Light / Maxim commercial | paparazzi | 2006
  • East TN Satellite commercial: “Thugs” | lead thug | 1999



  • co-producer, headliner #BrokenRecordShow (Nashville, TN) | April 2015
  • Wild West Comedy Festival (Nashville, TN) | May 2014
  • Wild East Nasty Comedy Festival (Nashville, TN) | May 2014
  • Memphis Comedy Festival (Memphis, TN) | February 2014
  • GMX Vol. 5 – Geek Media Expo Comedy Showcase (Nashville, TN) | October 2013
  • Memphis Comedy Festival (Memphis, TN) | February 2013
  • GMX Vol. 4 – Geek Media Expo Comedy Showcase (Nashville, TN) | October 2012
  • Memphis Comedy Festival (Memphis, TN) | February 2012
  • GMX Vol. 3 – Geek Media Expo Comedy Showcase (Nashville, TN) | October 2011
  • Laughing Skull Comedy Festival (Birmingham, AL) | November 2010
  • The 1st Annual Longest Running NEW! Famous #1 International Open Mic Comedy Festival (Nashville, TN) | April 2010
  • Laugh Your Asheville Off Festival (Asheville, NC) | 2009
Chad Riden's 2008 headshot

2008 headshot

Chad Riden - September 2014 headshot by the wonderful Nora Canfield

2014 headshot