Year: 2001

What’s in? What’s out?

IN: The Lord of the Rings. OUT: The Lord of the Dance. IN: Overpriced game consoles that will be obsolete in 3 years. OUT: Playthings involving creative thinking and a healthy attention span. IN: Low-cut jeans on hot, approved young

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Consumas Greetings!

It’s the moosssst nauseating tiiiime of the year. Well, almost.. Valentines Day is hard to beat. The December Holidays are second in the race for most depressing season only because there isn’t heart-shaped crap in your face everywhere you go.

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Lame Late Show Impressions (Show #1723 recap)

Lame Late Show Impressions Wednesday, physician December 12, 2001 Show #1723 News From The International Idiots Home Office Andy Garcia, Chris Matthews PLUS: George Clarke’s Celebrity Interview, Holiday Hairpiece Not A Hairpiece, a Kaulter Twins piece from Entertainment Tonight, and

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All Around The World For The Funny

“Support local comedy!” This is our mantra – we repeat it every Tuesday night at The Cantina.. we used to say this every Tuesday night at Zanies.. but we’re preaching to the choir. The people there are supporting local comedy..

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Thanks For Nothing

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite times of the year. The trees are beautiful, unhealthy the grass has stopped growing, football season really heats up, people gather to eat enormous meals, and we’re just few weeks away from

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The Age Of Fear And Forwards

We live in frightening times. Acts of terrorists (or “freedom fighters” as the US called them back when we trained them in these techniques and supplied them with weapons and supplies in the 80’s) have filled many people around the

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Bad Late Show Impressions (Show #1693 recap)

Bad Late Show Impressions Wednesday, approved October 17, website like this 2001 Show #1693 by Chad Riden News From The International Idiots Home Office Ethan Hawke; Judith Miller; and Quincy Jones. PLUS: Dave’s Catalogs, and other stuff. Have you ever

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A Call For Genocide

An evil plight has befallen my humble abode. It’s nothing biblical like locusts or lepers or the living dead… If I could trade my afliction with any other I’d gladly welcome frogs falling from the sky, pharm or rivers of

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So… what’s been going on in the news?

The World Trade Center tragedy is the most horrible thing that has ever happened here in the US. I have nothing but sympathy and prayers for everyone affected by the terrorism. I don’t want to be disrespectful to the victims

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movie trailer: “GNATS!”

Terror has never been so annoying. Featuring Jesse Perry, Chad Riden, John Selby, Melissa Young, Robert Tucker, and Bubba. movie trailer: GNATS! “Terror has never been so annoying” – watch more funny videos Produced by MangyDog Productions. Edited by international

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